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“At THE Chocolate Trader® we are committed to providing our customers with “Better Choice Chocolates” that are made with the finest ingredients carefully selected from the best sources in the world so we can deliver tasty, easy-to-eat, all natural products for busy people and their families.”   

we design our products from the bottom up using the finest cocoa beans that are artfully refined to elevate the taste and texture of the bean into the best possible all natural 70% cocoa mass chocolate. 

 we enhance the nutritional value and taste of our high cocoa mass chocolate products by adding other natural ingredients including olive oil, real nuts, real fruit, seeds and spices to deliver a delicious food experience to our customers. 

we package our products in appropriate portions to allow our customers to enjoy our chocolates without over-eating or waste—not super-sizing.

we clearly label our packaging using simple accurate language to describe the ingredients and nutritional characteristics of our products so our customers can know and understand exactly what they are eating and how much of it.

we sell our products through the best retailers to insure that our customers receive fresh and properly handled products in a convenient and trusted setting

we want you to eat our products because they are good tasting, conveniently packaged, and a simply better choice for you.